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Southern Illinois: Vote November 8, 2016 in the Illinois Fifth District Appellate Court contest in the general election. Vote for both Judge James R. “Randy” Moore (Wexstten vacancy) and Judge John B. Barberis, Jr. (Stewart vacancy).

The medical community needs fairness and balance in the highest state district court in southern Illinois. Democratic candidates to this court have historically been supported by donations from the wealthy elite associated with plaintiff law firms from places like Madison and St. Clair Counties.

Please use your influence within our medical community to campaign for these two candidates. Facebook. Twitter. Talk. Donate. Vote.

Both Judge Moore and Judge Barberis scored around 10% more popular votes in their respective primary elections than did Brad Bleyer and Jo Beth Weber. But don’t be lulled.

Be reminded that in the 2012 primaries for a seat on the Illinois Fifth District Appellate Court, Judge Stephan McGlynn had the support of 21% more voters than his Democratic opponent, Judy Cates. Judy Cates, who is a past president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, in the general election that year beat Stephan McGlynn 52.1% to 47.9%, having spent $587,201, compared to McGlynn’s $199,974. She remains on that court. The term for this court is ten years.

Don’t let the trial lawyers succeed again. Support and vote for both Judge Moore and Judge Barberis.

Be aware that the Illinois State Bar Association Judicial Evaluations Committee did not rate John Barberis as qualified. Judge Barberis has answered this with a firsthand account of how the interview process was done. Partisan politics seems to have found its way into the Illinois State Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Committee. Don’t be fooled. Vote for these honest, competent and proven candidates who will be elected without money from the law firms that asked for and received excessive awards, and created a crisis in medical care not that long ago.

Please donate directly to the campaigns of the candidates we support. SMASH can also use help to support them. Please mail a check as a donation made out to SMASH to the address listed below:

1680 Lick Creek Rd.
Anna, IL. 62906                                                      SMASH is a registered Illinois Political Action Committee.

Statewide Medical Association to Save Healthcare
Statewide Medical Association to Save Healthcare
SMASH is an organization of individuals dedicated to the preservation, fortification, and enhancement of healthcare in Illinois.

SMASH supports and promotes healthcare-friendly candidates and elected officials who are committed to preserving patient's access to safe, affordable, and quality healthcare.

SMASH is devoted to educating healthcare professionals and patients while influencing substantial legislation that will protect Illinois Citizens.

updated September 6th, 2016

SMASH is a registered Illinois Political Action Committee.

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